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What is Jibbing ?

You hear our coaches use the term "Jibbing" quite a lot; Jib Training Board, improve your jibbing, how to jib on a wakeboard etc. But what exactly is jibbing and how do you do it with a wakeboard? Check out this tutorial to find out what snowboard jibbing is, and the number one jibbing tip we have for you.

What's A Jib?

Jibbing is a term used in wakeboarding to describe the action of jumping, sliding or riding on top of objects like boxes and rails. It is directly influenced by grinding on a skateboard. You will typically find this type of wakeboarding done in wake parks or in urban winch spots.

Why Is It Different?

When you're wakeboarding, almost all the time you're using your edges to turn, control your speed and slow down. When jibbing however, you DO NOT use your edges. In fact, you'll want to keep your base as flat as possible with the feature.


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