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Each board has a story.
Getting a custom board is like getting a tattoo.
It is this unique thing that we want to keep close to us and carry with us wherever we go.
Collaboration with artists gives us this opportunity to create the masterpiece you expect.


The Art

MTA 5.png
MTA 5 deska.png
agnieszka png.png

Agnieszka Koncewicz Sambor

Agnieszka Koncewicz-Sambor was born in Katowice and moved about 20 times in her life. She is a multiplanetary species, she loves Katowice, Barcelona or Reykjavik equally.

A motorization, cats, street art and fashion lover. 

She dreams about some antipodes, moon rocks, forests and aliens. Then she transfers those visions to canvas. She paints to release energy, to bestow it on others. She outstretches her finger to us, like in the painting in Sistine Chapel, she turns her personal hotspot on and opens Bluetooth of our imagination.

MTA 5.png
MTA 5 deska.png

ART #1

PRICE : 729€

MTA 1.png
MTA 1 deska.png

ART #2

PRICE : 729€

MTA 2.png
MTA 2 deska.png

ART #3

PRICE : 729€

MTA 3.png
MTA 3 deska.png

ART #4

PRICE : 729€

MTA 4.png
MTA 4 deska.png

ART #5

PRICE : 729€

MTA 6.png
MTA 6 deska.png

ART #6

PRICE : 729€

Want to collaborate with us?


Send us your work!


Many people conflate visual art & design simply because of their many similarities.

Art and design of goods both require immense creativity, an acute sense of aesthetics and style, emotional intelligence, and the ability to tell a story through visual media. X WAKE is about that as well.

How can we make a difference in our community and the world through the arts ?

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